I am a letter cutter, working mainly in stone. All my lettering is drawn, designed and cut by hand using traditional methods and tools. I trained for three years at the Cardozo Kindersley Workshop in Cambridge. This workshop was founded by the renowned British letter-carver and typeface designer David Kindersley. I also learnt masonry at the Building Crafts College in London.  This has given me a good knowledge and grounding in masonry techniques and three dimensional carving.

Prior to this I studied at Wimbledon College of Art. The creativity and aesthetic knowledge I gained from this experience has been invaluable to my lettering designs. Whilst working in contemporary art I felt that the handmade was missing from my life and so I started on a stone masonry course. This is when I realised that I felt most at home with a chisel in my hand. That and a love of intricate and detailed working led me to lettering, and that is where I found my home.